Tam Tam Beachclub

Our story

​Tam Tam is founded by Yanks Indian Club. For more than 30 years, people from all over the world come to visit. The laid-back athmosphere and Native American interior makes Yanks the ultimate place to relax. We wanted to continue this ambiance in a unique beachclub. Tam Tam's location is also stunningly attractive. Zandvoort, also known as the beach of Amsterdam, is only a 20 minute train ride away from Amsterdam!

Wether you are here for good food, relaxing on the beach, a smoke or a refreshing cocktail, Tam Tam guarantees a radiant visit!


Yanks Indian Club

Yanks Indian Club was founded 30 years ago in Zandvoort. Coming from a coffee house at Dorsplein 2, it quickly expanded to the surrounding areas!

This great coffee shop is known for its high quality recreational and medical products and pre-rolled joints, and its qualified staff is always available forhelp or in-depth information. Yanks Indian club has a special advantage of staying open until 3am. It makes it an incredibly fun place where you can party, play games or just relax for a long time while enjoying the authentic and unique Native American interior style! The great interior is accompanied by an equally beautiful and wide terrace where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air!

In addition to offering a wide variety of recreational and medical products, The Yanks offers great coffee and an amazing line of merchandise!